Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Italy's island of Lampedusa Conquered

* Almost 19,000 migrants from Libya and Tunisia have arrived since January
* 3,000 immigrants arrive in just THREE DAYS on islands of Lampedusa
* Population of fishing island normally numbers around 5,300 residents
* Locals occupy town hall and blockade harbour in bid to stop influx
* Navy boats being sent to disperse migrants to other areas of Italy

An Italian island has been overwhelmed by immigrants from north Africa who have more than doubled the island's population, prompting fierce protests from local people.

Thousands of Tunisians have flooded into Lampedusa, a tiny island south of Sicily, after the fall of their President - with a further influx feared from refugees fleeing violence in Libya.

The number of immigrants has been reported as being just over 5,500 today, with more than 3,000 coming in the last three days alone. The normal population of the quiet island, which relies on fishing and tourism, is around 5,300.

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