Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Al Qaeda now have Gadafi's surface to air missiles

Colonel Gadafi has already stated that he will target passenger jets in the Mediterranean, and Malta is slap bang in the middle of the Med, with tourism its No.1 National income.  That means the majority of those tourists visiting the island will be coming on planes over the Med.

Pot the planes criss-cross the water like sitting ducks for Al Qaeda stationed on the ground in the Libyan desert..

You cannot take Gadafi's threats with a pinch of salt either considering he blew the Pan Am 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie in Scotland in 1988 killing 243 passengers, 16 crew and 11 people on the ground.

Now Al Qaeda have the opportunity to do his dirty work for him and you can be sure they wont be thinking about the pan Malta-Libya friendship that the Maltese are relying on, not to be attacked.

They just enjoy killing Westerners in their holy war with passenger jets being one of the preferred global Islamic terrorist targets over the years.

Imagine the coup on the propaganda front for Al Qaeda to shoot down a passenger jet over the Med?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Italy's island of Lampedusa Conquered

* Almost 19,000 migrants from Libya and Tunisia have arrived since January
* 3,000 immigrants arrive in just THREE DAYS on islands of Lampedusa
* Population of fishing island normally numbers around 5,300 residents
* Locals occupy town hall and blockade harbour in bid to stop influx
* Navy boats being sent to disperse migrants to other areas of Italy

An Italian island has been overwhelmed by immigrants from north Africa who have more than doubled the island's population, prompting fierce protests from local people.

Thousands of Tunisians have flooded into Lampedusa, a tiny island south of Sicily, after the fall of their President - with a further influx feared from refugees fleeing violence in Libya.

The number of immigrants has been reported as being just over 5,500 today, with more than 3,000 coming in the last three days alone. The normal population of the quiet island, which relies on fishing and tourism, is around 5,300.

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Example: Recruitment of an Islamic terror cell

The people in this video are there only as an example and this in no way means or implies that they are associated with Islamic terrorism.  This video gives you an example of how easy it would be for a committed terrorist to select, recruit and create a sleeper cell based upon a 20 minute walk around the detention center.

You decide for yourself if there has been any Islamic terror recruiting going on in Malta over the past 5 years, out of sight and mind from gazing eyes.

The video below accompanies this post:
A Maltese Islamic terror cell

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Maltese Islamic terror cell – Something to think about

Daily Mail: Libyan's plot revenge attacks on UK streets

Those who have their heads buried in the psychological sand would scoff at such a thought or assumption, but trust me this is very real and there is supportive video evidence to corroborate the possibility.

The reasons and justification for such an Islamic inspired terrorist attack will come later.

There is the possibility of several terrorist cells being formed in Malta by a variety of groups, but this possible scenario relates to the refugee community now living in Malta.

The overwhelming majority of African refugee’s living in Malta are on the island for humanitarian reasons and at this stage are not a threat to anyone, but amongst those refugees it would be na├»ve to say that none of them are linked to Islamic terrorist groups back in their own countries, or are supporters of such groups. In the UK for example, most of the major leaders of international Islamic terrorism within the Country were at one time refugees to Britain, so why should the threat from within the refugee population in Malta be any different to anywhere else in the World?

Lets say there are around 3000 moslem refugees in Malta, out of the approximately 6000 that are on the island, and out of that 3000, 85% reject all forms of Islamic terrorism and support, that leaves 15%. 15% of 3000 is 400 which would mean there is the possibility of 400 who believe in violent jihad. That means for example, you have a pool of 400 moslems who either support violent jihad, or are willing to carry out a suicide bombing attack or something similar, either in Malta or abroad.

(You have to think about those figures yourself, but I stood in a room with about 50 Colonel Gadafi supporters just at one centre.)

In the UK there have been several cases of moslems setting out on the path of violent jihad within Britain after being recruited and radicalised by trained moslem terrorists, who have then gone on and traveled abroad to carry out their Islamic inspired suicide missions.

For those with their heads buried in the psychological sand, there are a number of wars going on around the world that involve Western Powers from the U.S and E.U, with Al Qaeda declaring the whole world is now open for jihad, so the threat to every Nation of an insidious terrorist attack is very real.

Even to Malta, so heed these words.

There is a large Somalian refugee community in Malta, and Al Qaeda have a close relationship with Al Shabab which is their East African wing that operates around the area of Mogadishu in Somalia. Most of the Somali refugees you speak to in the detention centers come from Mogadishu and are moslem. This is not to say they are all Islamic terrorists, this is to say there is a link and possible terror threat lurking in their midst.

Al Shabab were the ones who carried out the terrorist bombing of a bar in Uganda during the World Cup.

In Britain the Internal Security Services (MI5) have been very concerned about Somalians from the British community travelling back to their homeland, being trained up and then returning and committing a terrorist attack in the Country (This is a very real threat).

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Islamic terrorists have travelled from not just Somalia, but other African Nations, along the refugee route into Europe and are now in Malta?

And if they are in Malta what are they doing?

Have they given up their religious ideals and returned to a normal civilised life?

Or have they found another Western Christian battlefield and another potential pool of Islamic terrorist recruits to wage their holy war with?

After 5 years they are now deeply entrenched within Malta, out of sight and mind. We had a video camera phone for 20 minutes and confirmed everything in this scenario below, so that tells me that these are not just words but truth. Maybe you knew this all already as you are reading this, but if not, then now you know what’s out there.

A scenario of the creation of an Islamic terrorist cell.

Amongst the 3000 moslem refugees you have 1 who is wholly committed to the global jihad and has fought on the frontlines in Somalia. Or you have a moslem wholly committed to the global jihad from another Arab Country like Libya, Syria, Lebanon or Palestine for example. It only takes one commander who knows what he is doing to form a terror cell, and the possibility is that there are multiple cells out there.

This Islamic terrorist commander frequents the mosques around the island and eventually works out who are the ones who support the global jihad and who are the ones who do not. This separates people in his mind and he knows which individuals to align himself with. He then has a trusted few who think like him which gives each of them peace and security in their group with which to share their beliefs and ideas.

Next step is to gather the recruits who would carry out a mission as part of their violent jihad in the name of Islam.
They would travel the mosques and groups and eventually come across the vulnerable ones who were away from their home countries, away from their families, living in dirty refugee camps who hated their lives so much at this moment in time that they would see suicide as being a way out of their living misery. The recruiters would then fill their heads with the knowledge that there is nothing greater for a moslem than to die in jihad for allah and that he would reward them with 72 virgins in paradise, and include safe passage for a host of his family for his sacrificial act in the name of Islam. So rather than commit suicide for nothing, allow allah to use him for his glory and service by killing the dirty kuffar (non-moslems).

Then the radicalisation process would start with all the justifications for an act of suicide in the name of Islam.

Islamic leaders of the jihad can religiously justify suicide bombings in the minds of their followers so once they have the right candidates, its just a matter of time until the cell is indoctrinated and moved from being a sleeper cell (unknown) and filled with suicidal hatred of non-moslems, into an active terror cell like the 19 hijackers on 9/11 or the 4 suicide bombers on 7/7.

If there is a sleeper cell out in Maltese society now, then its not a matter of if it’s a matter of when. In some apartment somewhere, away from non-violent moslems, there could be a group of hard core committed murderous jihadi’s who are not only planning international Islamic terrorist acts or supporting them, they could very well be plotting and planning to commit terrorist atrocities in Malta (reasons and justifications later).

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Prime Minister Gonzi - A North African refugee crisis

Before the War with Libya there was approximately 1.5 million African's on Colonel Gadafi's Libyan border waiting to cross into Europe, with Malta one of the first stepping stones on that journey.

A high proportion of those African's are moslem from places like Somalia or the Sudan.

This figure of 1.5 million does not include the Arab's of North Africa origin who are now also going to be fleeing the violence by heading into Europe.

There is an 'Exodus' on the way that will have long lasting consequences and will threaten the very future life of Nations and Europe as a whole.