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Libya - Al Qaeda's North African front

Gaddafi threatens to take the War to Europe

Last week saw the Islamic World using the blasphemous video of mohamed to protest anywhere in the World where there was enough moslem radicals on the ground to group together to attack Western Embassies, mainly American ones being the target though because American is the Great satan in the eyes of all Islamic fundamentalists around the World and the video was produced in America because of the First Amendment there.

Libya was the first Country to set the stage for the "fires of rage" when a group of Al Qaeda terrorists stormed the American Embassy and murdered the sitting Ambassador to the Country along with several of his security attache.

That strike against the heart of American interests around the World spurred on the jihad's Worldwide as can be viewed on our TV screens with many other Embassies around the World subsequently under attack, on fire and ransacked along with the black Al Qaeda flag then lifted up above them as a sign of conquest.

Al Qaeda's Libyan wing successfully assassinated the American Ambassador which was better than any car bomb or suicide attack that kills innocent local civilians.  It was a successful targeted strike against America in North Africa and a perfect p.r coup for the group behind the attack.

This same group in Libya attempted to blow up the exact same Embassy a few weeks back so it is quite obvious that they have had their eyes on the American target for some time. Just like the Taliban recently attacking Camp Bastion targeting Prince Harry.

The recent blasphemous video was the perfect pretext to galvanise support in large enough numbers to attack the Embassy physically with the targeting of the Ambassador the primary goal.  This successful attack along with the video footage of the events beamed around the World would inspire other jihadi groups to follow suite against American Embassies which they did, and all under the banner of the blasphemous video which shows the feeling out there and what they are capable of, with that religious hatred aimed in our direction.

Could you imagine those types of actions unfolding in Western or European Nations?  Our belief system that is based on Centuries of our Christian history and heritage is a little more civil than the Islamic one and definitely worth upholding for the sake of future generations of our children and grandchildren.

The Libya attack was perfectly orchestrated and you can only wonder whether or not the Libyan wing of Al Qaeda were working to orders from further up the hierarchy to pull off the operation at that exact moment in time so as to create a cause and effect around the World.

Why Libya?

Didn't we not just liberate the Libyan people from a Tyrant and give the people Democracy?

How does an Islamic State where the over-all majority are moslem comprehend Western Democracy? (They cant)

Their Democracy is throw out the Tyrant who subdues them in the name of Democracy for the benefit of the eyes of the outside World and then instill the religious fundamentalists into power under the banner of Democracy exactly like Hamas in Gaza as the proxy war against Israel and more recently the moslem Brotherhood in Egypt which again will result in the proxy war against Israel among other things.

Democracy in action Islamic style!

Syria is next, along with all of the other Islamic Nations where an Arab spring has taken place and religious fundamentalism takes its foothold.

What are we left with?

A bunch of anti-Western, anti-Democratic Religious theocracies controlling the power of Nation State's who want to eventually unite as part of the Caliphate "ultimately" to destroy Christendom and then implement sharia law across the whole Earth exactly as their religious book tells them (ask a moslem who wont lie to you).

The signs of our times...

Only we are not running around with swords and shields on horseback.  Look at all of that 'yellow cake' Gadaffi left behind before he departed the stage, and that is what we know about, what about the stocks we do not know about that are out there now in someones possession.  This is reality.

Doesn't take much working out to see who that "someone" is when they have tried blowing up the American Embassy in Libya and have now successfully assassinated the Ambassador after taking over the embassy, destroying it and then lifting Al Qaead's black flag up.

Might not be an atrocity on the scale of the Kenyan terrorist attack in 1998 but the Kenyan attack killed 12 American's with the rest mainly local Kenyan's where as with this attack they took out target No.1 the American Ambassador, took over the Embassy and then lifted up their flag with no local casualties.

Perfect in their eyes.

Libya could become another war-zone with Coalition Forces stationed there just like in Afghanistan, either that or Libya is going to become a lawless pariah North African terrorist State with a veneer of respectability for the eyes of the masses via the TV with the leaders in the Country who control the leadership platform talking about Democracy and Freedom to satisfy their Western audience whilst on the ground there are heavily armed Islamic militia groups aligned to Al Qaeda staging terrorist attacks around the world along with being a training ground for Al Qaeda inspired terrorists.  Jonathan Evans head of Britain's MI5 has already spoken out about Libya becoming a new training ground for Al Qaeda and this was before last weeks attack, so this confirms his words based upon his internal knowledge and sets the stage for future perceptions.

Libya is a transit route from Africa to Europe, and has been for many years now with at one time an estimated 1.5 million African's on Libya's border waiting to set sail for the European Babylon. Gaddafi even tried blackmailing the EU to the tune of 5 billion euros because of this situation, threatening to turn Europe black within a generation if the money was not paid. This route via Libya is a well worn path into Europe that has been trodden over the years by many African's who are now living in our Nations via this route.  If Libya is a new training ground for Al Qaeda terrorists then how hard will it be to train a few African Islamic terrorists up in some dark hidden corner of Libya, from somewhere like Somalia, Nigeria or Mali and then send them off on a small boat towards Europe under the guise of being a refugee to land on dry ground and then set about recruiting to attack Western targets in our midst?

A new type of terrorist threat from North Africa with the Mediterranean basin the new front-line just like 1565.

Look what was achieved in Libya last week that reverberated around the World and will have long term future repercussions.

Al Qaead's Libya wing are well and truly on the strategic map now so look at the predicament Malta now finds herself in because cousin Gaddafi is no longer in power.  There is a whole new reality under the surface in Libya with an Islamic terrorist army on the ground who are aligned with and inspired by Al Qaeda who are now sitting in control of Gaddafi's Government arms caches, not small shipments of weapons either, who want to harm and destroy Christendom as part of the global jihad that was started by Bin Laden that can be read through his online Fatwas to give you an understanding of the mindset and intent of today's global jihad.

Al Qaeda in Libya now have control over Government weapons stocks that Gaddafi kindly gave them before he left as part of his scorched Earth policy which gives everyone on this side of the table something to think about.

Take last weeks murder of the Ambassador as a sign of the new Libya irrespective of powerless politicians small talk of peace and prosperity in the new Libya, that's why the American's have sent warships into the region and the World is ablaze with anti-American Islamic rage on the back of the successful Libyan attack.

All eyes are now on Libya again post Gaddafi and what story does it tell?

One of the biggest threats coming out of post Gaddafi Libya is the proliferation of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM's) which has been talked about by the U.N.

What threat could Al Qaeda pose with a stash of SAM's?

Gaddafi knew his fate when he was being hunted like a fox by the Coalition so he opened up all his Government weapons stores for whoever wanted to take possession of them for when he was gone which not only included chemical weapons and small arms fire, but also missiles for shooting down planes.

So unlike any other Country other than Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya now has heavily armed terrorist groups on the ground aligned with Al Qaeda who have control of a large part of the Nations Government weapons stock pile which means there is a hidden army now in Libya capable of waging a 4th generation war just like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The murder of Christopher Stevens in context is a clear sign of the new Libya and its future position in World affairs.

Video: SAM's being carried away on the back of a lorry

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